ADDvantage WORKS™, a flat fee MLS service designed for the detail oriented flat fee MLS sellers

Friday, November 16, 2007, 12:00AM

By: Keith Gordon

We introduced ADDvantage WORKS™ in October 2007 with a particular flat fee MLS seller in mind: the seller who desires all of the same marketing and contract work offered by a full service Realtor® at a discount price and with full control over the flat fee MLS listing. ADDvantage WORKS™ is working well for sellers looking for more specialized, bundled flat fee MLS services.

The cost is Not Available. The clear advantage to this flat fee MLS program is that it allows the flat fee MLS seller to utilize all the innovative marketing tools that ADDvantage™ has to offer while also gaining the support and experience of ADDvantage's broker for contract work. All of this service comes at a price that saves sellers thousands in commission compared with a traditional real estate service.

ADDvantage WORKS™ offers a well-rounded flat fee MLS marketing program including a professional Virtual Tour, Agent Assure® scheduling service, a wood post and metal sign and SHOWCASE listing upgrade. As well, ADDvantage™–through its in-house graphic department–creates personalized jumbo “Just Listed” post cards that are mailed to 250 immediate neighbors to the MLS listed property. This target marketing works well because neighbors are often responsible for bringing a friend or relative into their neighborhood. Of course, WORKS clients also receive the same comprehensive domestic and international internet marketing offered in all of our flat fee MLS programs.

ADDvantage WORKS™'s other major component, 100% contract representation, covers two very important benefits: (1) The MLS listing will show that the seller is represented (not “limited representation” as is the case with a typical flat fee MLS listing) and ; (2) The seller receives 100% contract representation which means all negotiations, inspections, inspection related re-negotiations, addendums, disclosures and the closing statement review are all handled by the ADDvantage Real Estate Network licensed broker/agent. Many MLS companies will advertise “contract assistance”; this is not the same as “contract representation”.