Is the Florida real estate market heating up, or is ADDvantage PLUS™ just helping Flat Fee MLS Florida sellers get better results?

Thursday, November 20, 2008, 7:07PM

By: Keith Gordon

It's November 18, 2008 and I am pleasantly surprised that the Florida real estate market is almost as busy as it was in July. This past week, 5 ADDvantage PLUS™ flat fee MLS Florida clients sold and another 4 basic flat fee MLS sellers received contracts, as well.

Money continues to flow into good deals and there are plenty of them!

At ADDvantage, we continue to offer excellent Internet marketing and world class client support for our flat fee MLS Florida sellers. We are finding good success from all our flat fee MLS plans. My favorite flat rate MLS listing plan is ADDvantage PLUS™.

ADDvantage PLUS™ acts and looks just like a full service listing but the entire fee to ADDvantage is Not Available. Sellers offer only the buyer's agent a commission saving about ½ of the cost of a traditional MLS listing. And, the “by-owner MLS” seller can sell themselves and pay zero commission. Flat fee MLS is the best of both worlds.

Plenty of things amaze me as the broker and co-owner of ADDvantage.

My top 3 things that amaze me are:

One…Why would a by owner sign up for a flat fee MLS Florida listing without first reading a listing agreement?

Two…Why would anyone sign up for a listing in the MLS and try to save $100 knowing they can get guaranteed live phone support 9:00am-6:00pm, 7 days a week from ADDvantage?

Three…Why would anyone list their home flat rate in the MLS without fully knowing that all buyer leads belong to the seller and not the flat fee service.

But, what also baffles me is why more by owner MLS sellers don't choose ADDvantage PLUS™. I know Not Available is not pocket change, especially in this environment, but I truly believe all Florida flat fee MLS sellers would get more for their homes and sell faster if I negotiated in their behalf.

A have a few thoughts as to why by owners choose to “self-represent”. I believe by owner MLS sellers want all offers coming to them directly. Sounds like a control thing or possibly lack of trust for Realtors®, in general. I have been a Realtor/broker for 25 years and I am pretty sure Realtors are at the bottom of the trust list, right below my lawyer buddies. I also believe sellers think we are going to charge them more than our advertised Not Available ($3,000 max) at close. We don't, of course. The last notion would likely be the most correct reason why so many flat fee MLS Florida sellers represent themselves which is they think it's no big deal to negotiate a contract. Some, of course, are being penny wise and pound foolish.

For whatever their reasons are that drive flat fee MLS Florida sellers to choose our MLS ADDvantage® MLS listing over ADDvantage PLUS™, I will continue to promote “contract representation” as the better way to sell “by-owner-MLS”.

Here are my 5 reasons why I believe flat fee MLS Florida sellers can get more for their homes if I do the talking:

First: I talk straight and honest. I do not beat around the bush. I tell the buyer's agent to work that buyer and let's get the deal done.

Two: I talk with the buyer's agent and determine what kind a buyer I am dealing with. But, while the Realtor is singing away about their client and how they have another home down the street that they like as well…I am really sizing up the Realtor. I want that Realtor on my side, pronto!

Three: I create a strategy upfront with my client seller and set a benchmark bottom line price that we are going after.

Four: I attempt to convince the buyer's agent to understand “we” are not a short sale and but “we” want to sell at a fair price.

Five: I make sure my seller understands the contract.

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