Florida By Owners control how fast they sell using Flat Fee MLS

Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 12:11PM

By: Keith Gordon

The question home owners in Florida should ask themselves before listing their home in the MLS is, who is in control of the Florida real estate market? The buyers, the buyer's agents or the real estate companies?

The simple answer to this question is none of the above. It is the seller who is in control and their listing price determines how fast they will sell. This assumes all other factors that can also effect a sale such as Internet marketing, MLS listing accuracy, effective showing service and customer support are present.

What we do at ADDvantage® is make the process of getting listed in the MLS more efficient, cost effective and provide sellers with all the tools to make selling a home in Florida without an agent more transparent. Our slogan is "Real Estate By Your Rules" and it is truly what we do.

ADDvantage® is the most reliable flat fee MLS listing service in Florida and our testimonials and flat fee MLS sales statistics speak for themselves. We have some impressive sales statistics for the first 4 months of 2010. At the beginning of 2010, ADDvantage® had 172 flat fee MLS listings in various cities throughout Florida from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and even very small almost unheard of cities such as Apopka. Because we offer our flat fee MLS services almost every Florida county, we don't have the advantage of market penetration in a single area but we do enjoy success selling homes over a large area. In our case, it is the entire State of Florida.

As of May 3, 2010, we have 23 contract pending homes and closed 42 homes using our flat fee MLS listing service. Our open inventory has dropped to from 172 to 137 listings. We are selling homes faster then we are getting listings. Our flat fee MLS listings are selling fast, in part, because our sellers are in control. We offer many seller tools that are easily accessible from each seller's control panel. Sellers list their property 100% online and make changes to their MLS listings via that same control panel. Our by owner MLS sellers control their our destiny, not a listing agent. The money our sellers save using our service goes into their pockets. ADDvantage® is a sophisticated selling and marketing platform for by owner. We add excellent service offering live phone support from 9:00am-6:00pm 7 day a week service and aggressive and expansive Internet marketing. Of course, we are members of practically every Florida MLS, as well.

Assuming good service and excellent Internet marketing are not missing, then price is the only factor that determines whether a home is sold or not. Is this statement 100% accurate? I believe it is. After 27 years as a Florida real estate broker and 11 as a flat fee MLS Florida broker, I have insight into many transactions and really know how and what motivates the market. From the buyer's agent perspective, their entire motivation is to earn a commission. They only get paid that commission if the house appraises-out and the deal closes. Buyer's agents will pass on every home listed in the MLS that is priced too high above where they feel the "comparibles" will support a sale price or offer. These buyer's agents want just one thing. A deal they can write within the appraisal envelop. If they feel the MLS listed price is too high above that appraisal envelop or after speaking with the listing agent feel that the seller is not willing to negotiate very close to that envelop, than they will likely move on.

One of our most popular flat fee MLS listing plans is Professional ADDvantage™ where I negotiate for the seller and close the deal. This flat rate full-service plan costs 0.75% at close ($1,500 min). It is a fast and effective way to a deal done at the higher-end of appraised value. The value of this service to the seller is I can push the buyer's agent and their buyer to offer more than they would if they deal directly with the seller. In part, because I command the respect of the buyer's agent and this typically results in a higher offer than a self-represented seller could accomplish. Buyer's agents are not a seller's best friend because they want completely the opposite of what a seller wants. By me acting as middleman to negotiate for the seller keeps the negotiations fair.

Call us anytime, we are open from 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days a week. 727-942-2929 or 1-877-232-9695. As well, you may find our smart by owner MLS selling tips to be enlightening.