A true story why flat fee MLS listing in Florida is better at ADDvantage®

Wednesday, February 3, 2010, 1:42PM

By: Keith Gordon

The single biggest fallacy about flat fee MLS listing in Florida is the perception by sellers that the flat fee listing service sole function is to get listed in the MLS and nothing else matters. Not service, not reliable and not reputation. Just get me listed in the MLS as cheaply as possible, the Realtors will call me directly, and I will get the extra exposure I need.

What's wrong with this thinking is the flat fee MLS Florida listing broker is called about 40% of the time by Realtors that don't read the showing instructions correctly in the MLS. Realtors simply ignore the comment to "call seller at 305-555-2525 for showing and offers" or call the seller and get no answer.

The fact is these Realtors and buyers do call the flat fee MLS listing service when they need help. If they don't get assisted, they will not show your flat fee MLS Florida listing and you will lose an opportunity to show and possibly sell your home.

What's even more amazing is some sellers that do receive the best flat fee MLS service possible still don't believe how important our 9:00am-6:00pm 7 days service really is. Just last week, a client of ADDvantage® that was over-priced by some 40,k and after being listed with us for 7 months actually listed with another flat fee MLS listing service on the east coast of Florida. I never heard of us ever losing a client to another Florida flat fee MLS listing service. We do lose listing to full-service agents that boast they can bring a buyer but never a flat fee service because our service is exceptional.

By the way, when a Not Available traditional flat fee MLS listing is about to expire (after the 9 month listing term) the seller can extend for 30% off the cost. Our Professional ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS listing plan is "list till you sell."

Back to the client. I always call our expiring clients and chat about renewing their service for our discounted 20% off rate for another 9 months. This client actually thought they would do better listing their property with another flat fee listing firm. After they paid, they couldn't get that company back on the phone for 14 days...Just gone!!

The client called us back and renewed their old listing but when our MLS Administrator went to input the listing into the MLS we couldn't because that other firm still had the listing active. I called the client and advised them accordingly that they are listed. But, if the company is not answering their phone, you will lose showing opportunities. They agreed. For the past 6 day they have been trying to get that other flat fee MLS listing service in Florida to cancel the listing but the seller can't get them to respond to email or pick up the phone. They emailed me asking for the MLS Realtor Association phone number to file a complaint.

It is common place in the discount MLS listing business to have flat fee MLS brokers not answer their phone. To my knowledge we have never lost a client to another flat fee MLS listing service. We have been offering 9:00am-6:00pm 7 day a week service for 7 years now and continue to do so.

What amazes me is some people just don't get it. Service and reliability does equate to more showings and ultimately a higher offer.