Write a Story About Your House, Not a Fact Sheet

Monday, October 5, 2009, 2:55PM

By: Aaron Hoffman

 Often times when I'm looking at advertisements for houses for sale, they often seem boring.  Why not write a story about your house, not just a fact sheet.  

After all, if you are a buyer, you are probably looking through tons of inventory.  After a while, it all looks the same.  Why not entice the buyer with something different.

Here are a few idea when writing that perfect copy for your advertisement...



Think back to when you were a buyer looking to move.  You probably went through lots of different houses to get to the one you live in now, right?  So what was it that made you buy your house?  Think about what features you were looking for and why they were important to you.  Was is the proximity to the shopping?  Was it the "A" rated schools that you wanted to provide for your children?  



Be creative and think about what a buyer would be interested in.  Think about EVERYTHING.  Write out how you spend your time there.  Here's an example...

Welcome home!  When my husband and I were looking for a home, we know we wanted a safe neighborhood to raise our children.  We knew right away we found the perfect home when we pulled in the driveway.  We love this house.  We have two children and they made friends almost immediately.  The first day we moved in, we had our new neighbors bring us food and welcome gifts.  So sweet!  We love how close everything is.  Knowing that the school is right around the corner makes it easy for the kids to walk home.  There is a farmer's market we love going to every Saturday morning.

This home has everything we wanted.  We wanted a home that had an open floor plan and lots of light and open space.  We like to entertain and this house is perfect for that.  The kids have their own playroom away from the living room, so we can enjoy ourselves if we want a little peace and quiet.  Speaking of peace and quiet, the master bathroom has a jetted garden tub and is just terrific for unwinding after a long day.  My husband loves cooking, so space in the kitchen was a must.  We upgraded the appliances and refrigerator as soon as we moved in.  The house is really well insulated, so the electric bill is really low.  We both have allergies, so we installed all hardwood flooring as well as upgraded the filter on the air conditioner.  Outside, we have a pretty maintenence free yard.  The landscape is easy to keep up with and is perfect for the climate.  The automatic sprinkler keeps the lawn green and it has a sensor to shut off if it's raining outside.  

All in all, we are going to really miss this place.  We really thought this would be our forever house, but things change.  I'm sure you will find as much enjoyment as we have had.  Happy searching!



Put it on your fliers, your web posts, your Craigslist ad.  The more people that see your story, the more they can connect with your house.  Good luck!