Why Flat Fee Realty Doesn't Work All The Time

Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 12:23AM

By: Aaron Hoffman

             Today, I was on the phone explaining how our flat fee service works to a potential customer. 

            “Yeah, Yeah, I understand.  I tried it before, and the only thing it got me was one phone call.”

            I hear this quite a bit.  I understand how he feels.  When we created ADDvantage Real Estate Network, we wanted to serve the public with a program that really works.  We learn a lot from the bad apples.  Flat fee real estate is nothing new, and the longer it stays around, the more likely you are to have companies spring up that are in it to make a quick buck and ride the wave for as long as it lasts.  We feel that if we strive to do the right thing, everyone wins. 

            Here’s what I mean…

            Most all flat fee real estate companies steal buyer leads.  It’s true.  That’s how they can afford to charge you $99 and still survive until next year.  We charge $349 and deliver all buyer leads to you.  We couldn’t steal them even if we wanted to because whenever we advertise your property on the web, we include your contact information, not ours.  The one exception is Realtor.com, and that’s only because they forbid agents to display owner contact information.  To remedy that, whenever someone looks at your property on Realtor.com, if they want additional information or to schedule an appointment, they will click “view agents website” the buyer will be redirected to our website, to the page with your listing.  From there they will see your contact information.  If they choose to email the agent, our IT team has it set up to where the lead will be redirected to your email box, without us having to forward it to you each time.          

            For more information about how ADDvantage Real Estate Network handles your leads, see our sections on  Protecting Your Leads