5 tips for selling faster when using a flat fee listing service in Colorado

Thursday, July 23, 2009, 6:47PM

By: Jason Long

Look like all other listings in the CO MLS. Package your Colorado flat fee listing so Realtors® will see your listing in the MLS exactly the same as a full-service agent's listing. List flat fee with ADDvantage PLUS™ and you'll get more Realtor® showings, worry less about negotiating or filing disclosures, have less stress and likely get a higher sale price. Let us handle the stress and we do it for less!

Use a metal yard sign that promotes a professional image. Realtors® fear For Sale By Owner signs (white and red; generic) because they mean FSBO and not necessarily MLS listed. As well, FSBO signs promote the seller's phone number and that is not what a Realtor® wants their buyer to see. In fact most Realtor's steer clear of FSBO listed properties especially in today's market with all the other choices. The best solution is to use a metal Colorado Discount Realty sign with our number on it. This means you get a professional look and with Agent Assure you will get us answering the phone for you 8:00am-8:00pm 7 days a week and we forward all buyer leads to you and schedule appointments. Agent Assure™ is only $199 as an add-on or free with our ADDvantage PLUS™ full service program.

List flat fee without giving up the right to sell By Owner and get 100% contract-to-close representation. Contract representation is so important for many reasons but the most critical reason to list using ADDvantage PLUS™ contract-to-close representation is so Realtors® only talk with and negotiate through ADDvantage®. This assures you peace of mind that there will be no mistakes in getting you the highest offer. Additionally, Realtors® prefer working with another broker as apposed with the seller.

Price your property right where you want to sell it and leave no room to negotiate. This might sound crazy but it's true. In a buyer's market, buyers are anticipating prices to move lower and therefore buy under what sellers call “market value.” Conversely, in a seller's market, buyers justify buying “market” prices because they believe prices will rise in the future. With Colorado Discount Realty Addvantage Flat Fee MLS plans you decide what to do with all the money you save... Keep it or put yourself at an advantage over other listings buy lowering the price 1 or 2%. Clients that have done this have seen their homes sell much faster.

List with a trusted and reliable CO licensed flat fee MLS broker, Our flat fee Addvantage® clients frequently compliment us by saying that we are truly light years ahead of other flat fee and full-service companies in Colorado. We know they are right because we have invested in the future and understand what sellers need. We have the longest hours in live phone coverage of any flat fee service in America (8:00am - 8:00pm / 7 days a week), we forward all buyer leads to sellers in real time, have the best 100% paperless listing software and have special software to track contract negotiations and close deals without a hitch.