Pricing your home right is important!

Saturday, July 4, 2009, 4:54PM

By: Jason Long

In our years of experience we have learned there are two major factors in getting your home sold. The first is exposure. At Colorado Discount Realty we know there is no better place to get that exposure than with us and our exclusive way we market your home on the web. The second is the importance of pricing your home to sell.

Many sellers do not realize that the first few weeks are the most critical time once placed on the mls. The first few weeks are the time when other agents and brokers become aware of your home. In our Denver Colorado Office our MLS system, Metrolist allows us to send your property out to potential buyers when the home matches their criteria. This is what I like to call the launch phase and is the best time to get your listing known to the market and can bring great and immediate interest to your home listing.

One of the most common mistakes we see when pricing your home to sell is the comment "we can start high now and come down latter". This is one of the worst yet most common propagated sayings in the real estate industry and has been used as a tool by real estate professionals for years to help them get listings. The sale of your home can be an emotional one for most people. All the memories, the time you put into it and the years combine to make this one of the hardest decisions you can make. However if you price your home to high agents, brokers and with today’s information the public knows it and will either think you are unrealistic or you’re not really ready to sell. This will minimize the launch phase of your home on the MLS and dramatically reduce the exposure to your home to buyers. Most buyers today do their homework and buyers are not as attached to the property as a seller can be so buyers are looking for the best deal.

Pricing your home too low can also adversely affect the launch phase of your home. By pricing your home to low you may be giving away your hard earned equity. It is true that buyers are looking for a deal. However most buyers are unwilling to do allot of repairs in a home by pricing your home too low you may be sending the signal that It needs some work. It may also give buyers the felling that something may be wrong with your home or neighborhood.

One advantage you will have with Colorado Discount Realty is we are not on commission by using our exclusive Flat Fee MLS listing system we take the commission out of the equation so you will always get truthful and timely advice when asked. As one of our flat fee clients we can provide you with a comparative market analysis or CMA to help you determine the value of your home and help you make an informed decision.

Pricing your home right is critical to getting your home sold. Price your home right the first time and your will see the results immediately. At Colorado Discount Realty we are Colorado Brokers we can help you with the information you need to make the right decision without the hassle and pressure in a commission based real estate company.