Save 50% in real estate commissions without sacrificing service

Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 4:50PM

By: Keith Gordon

ADDvantage Success™ can save Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater Home Sellers 50% in real estate commissions without sacrificing service.

Being a discount broker for over 10 years in Florida, I have found that we can offer home owners the same service that they would receive from a full-service Realtor® by just offering one commission to the buyer’s agent.

We are able to offer such an innovative program to Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater home owners because we have built a technology based “client and listing” management system so we can efficiently work with many homeowners and easily track all offers, buyer leads and Internet marketing without sacrificing service. We have built systems for sending offers to sellers, tracking all listing changes, closing deals without a hitch and a check and balance system. We are 100% paperless from starting a listing online, to email verification to ensure that your MLS listing is accurate before we start marketing and a final HUD-1 settlement statement which will be reviewed by you and the broker before closing. We pass these savings onto the home owners.

Tampa Bay home owners save about 50% in commissions by using ADDvantage Success™. This hybrid-flat fee MLS listing plan is effective for many reasons. One important reason for its success is our reputation in Florida with the Realtors®. We have an outstanding reputation for customer support and Realtor® service. We made a service commitment in 2005 to answer every call “live” with a real human from 8:00am-8:00pm 7 days a week. We have done this since 2005 and continue to do so. This service commitment has built strong relationships and trust with Florida Realtors®. When Realtors® see our name they know us for service which results in more showings for our sellers! As well, sellers only offer one commission to the buyer’s agent which is typically set at 3%. This entire commission goes to the first agent that brings a suitable offer and closes the deal. I think of it like musical chairs for Realtors®. There are many more benefits to listing your home with ADDvantage Success™ which you can read on our details page.

Full-service agents typically charge 6% to list and market a home but seldom end up with both sides of the commission. The buyer’s agent receives 3% and the listing agent receives 3%. With an ADDvantage Success™ listing, the seller is by-passing the 3% listing commission.

Our company benefits by having an opportunity to sell the home and earn the offered buyer’s agent commission. We also receive $799 up-front and $799 at-close to market the home, answer all calls and schedule all showings, represent the seller in all offers and close the deal.

But, if one of our ADDvantage® agents has the buyer and earns the offered buyer’s agent commission, then we do not charge the $799 closing fee.

This truly is the best way for some sellers to sell. It allows sellers to list their home at the lowest price possible because they are saving anywhere from $10,000-$300,000 in commissions, depending of the sales price of the home. Additionally, the seller has 100% control over their listing through their own control panel at

There is no sacrificing service with ADDvantage Success™ as we are open for business 8:00am-8:00pm 7 days and stand ready to assist everyone...Buyers, Realtors® and sellers.

Marketing is actually better with ADDvantage Success™ than with a full-service Realtor® because all of our listings at ADDvantage® are sent to 100’s of real estate websites such as, “showcase”, MSN, World Properties, AOL, CraigsList, Zillow and many more.

Another benefit is our innovative Realtor-to-Realtor marketing program called Street Smart ADDvantage®. To enroll your property in the program, the seller must offer a 4% or greater buyer’s agent commission. The eblast is sent to all Realtors® within 30 miles of your Tampa Bay property twice per month. It’s free with ADDvantage Success™.

Call me anytime and I would be glad to help answer any questions that you may have.