MLS access and price are the keys to selling any in any market

Monday, April 6, 2009, 1:44PM

By: David Allison

WPI American Home Real Estate

Selling a home is a like selling a commodity or a stock in a company or any other item of value, you must provide access to the larges community of buyers. Trying to sell a home without access to MLS is like trying to sell stock without the stock exchange. You might be able to do it, but you'd certainly be selling for less than you could have realized had you tapped into the marketplace. If you want to sell for the best possible price, you need to list on the Home Exchange “The Multiple Listing Services”. The MLS is the stock exchange for real estate.

The key to selling your home by owner is to let as many people know it's on the market as possible. This is known as creating buyer awareness. Once your property is listed for sale, it's critical to expose it to the highest number of people as early as possible. Studies show that the first few weeks are the most important home selling time for obtaining a sale at the highest price. By creating immediate demand for your home, you're increasing the odds of selling dramatically. As any economist will tell you, higher demand equals a higher selling price and a faster selling time. 
Flat Fee MLS Listing with WPI gives your home the exact same marketing Advantage and exposure enjoyed by homes listed by all other Realtors® in the Multiple Listing Service with a twist, You are in control, you choose what you spend to market your home and how much commission you want to offer. With WPI Add vantage® system offers the savings of FSBO with same exposure as other agents for a flat fee; this translates to higher demand, more savings and could ultimately mean a higher sales price for your home.
With WPI Add vantage® Flat Fee MLS system, you pay just a fraction of the traditional cost of listing your home in the MLS and potentially saving you thousand of dollars. Why pay 5%-6% or more when what you really need is marketing exposure? For as little as $1 dollar a day, you now have access to Realtor's number one selling tool for a low, flat fee. “Now there's a smarter way to sell your home”, Placing your home for sale with WPI Add vantage® flat fee MLS system is like going to the bus stop where all the home buyers are waiting, picking them up and driving them to your home - but far more convenient. (And you don't need to rent a bus.)
The long and short of it is, that in order to increase demand for your property, thereby increasing your final sales price and reducing the amount of time your home spends on the market, you have to have a listing in the Multiple Listing System. The most economical way to list your property then is a Flat Fee MLS model. With WPI Add- vantage® Flat Fee MLS system, you get placement in the exact same real estate property exchange that real estate agents and brokers use without having to pay for their so called full line of services. Buy the services you need not made up ones to justify the high commissions. So you keep more of your home's equity while still selling for top dollar!
With WPI Add vantage® Flat Fee MLS system, it really is that easy!