Lockboxes, Fsbo Signs, Buyer Realtor Commissions=More Showings

Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 6:32PM

By: Scott Thomas

eFlatFeeRealty.com, Iowa's largest Flat Fee Broker

Want to get your home sold?  Use these simple tips:

1.  Lease a Realtor Lockbox from us.  When Realtors are deciding what homes to show buyers.  They want it easy and simple.  If they know they can access the home with a digital Realtor box, no codes to write down, etc.  They are more likely to show your home.  The easier it is for a Buyer's Realtor to show your home, the more it will get shown.  

2.  For Sale By Owner Sign:  We want you to sell your home as a for sale by owner while it's listed with us on the mls.  But the buyer's Realtor sees the fsbo sign and could steer the buyer away in fear the seller(you)could take away their buyer.  It's not fair, but why chance it.  Our Signs are innexpensive. Tell the Realtors they are getting paid and it is listed on the mls.

3. Many buyer Realtors want atleast 3% commission.  I would suggest raising your commission at closing that you are willing to pay to 3.5%.

If you do these 3 simple things.  You will get more showings and more offers.  I would rather see you raise you asking price by 1% or 2% and lease a box, buy signs, and raise your commission a bit.  You will see a huge difference.

scott thomas, broker