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Selling Flat Fee MLS saves 3%

We offer customized flat fee MLS listing plans, each designed to meet the needs of South Carolina FSBO home sellers. Our #1 recommended Professional ADDvantage™ contract-to-close flat fee listing program takes the worry out of listing as a self-represented flat fee seller and may just get you a higher offer on your home.

Why listing with a South Carolina licensed flat fee MLS broker is a smart move

Read our flat fee MLS-listed seller testimonials and our listing agreements for flat rate MLS sellers and you too will be convinced that we are the most trusted MLS Listing Service in South Carolina. ADDvantage®: professional, reliable, 100% transparent - never any hidden fees or gimmicks.

ADDvantage® gets South Carolina flat fee MLS sellers quicker sales

By-Owner MLS listing often means flat service. At ADDvantage®, our brand of discount MLS listings include our exceptional Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM live phone support which results in more showings & more offers.

Get your listing in the MLS quickly with the flat fee MLS listing pros

Members of multiple South Carolina MLS boards, ADDvantage® has been a discount MLS listing broker for many years and a real estate broker even longer.

Listing Flat Fee MLS in South Carolina? Pass your commission savings on to the buyer and get SOLD!

Anytime ADD-ons for our FSBO MLS listed sellers

Flat Fee MLS 101

Sell faster using my 5 tips for listing flat fee MLS in South Carolina

Look like all other listings in the United States MLS. Package your South Carolina flat fee listing so Realtors® will see your listing in the MLS exactly the same as a full-service agent's listing. List flat fee with Professional ADDvantage™ and you'll get more Realtor® showings, worry less about negotiating or filing disclosures, have less stress and likely get a higher sale price.

Use a professional yard sign. Realtors® fear For Sale By Owner signs (white and red; generic) because they mean FSBO and not necessarily MLS listed. As well, FSBO signs promote the seller's own phone number and that is not necessarily what a Realtor® wants their client to see. The best thing to do is to use a metal ADDvantage® sign with our phone number on it. This means you get a professional MLS administrator answering the phone for you Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM, and we forward all buyer leads to you directly and schedule appointments. This service is called Agent Assure® and is $159 as an add-on or free with our Professional ADDvantage™ program.

List flat fee without giving up the right to sell By Owner and get 100% contract-to-close representation. Contract representation is so important for many reasons but the most critical reason to list using Professional ADDvantage™ contract-to-close representation is so Realtors® only talk with and negotiate through ADDvantage®. This assures you peace of mind that there will be no mistakes in getting you the highest offer. Additionally, Realtors® prefer working with another broker as apposed with the seller.

Price your property correctly and leave no room to negotiate. This might sound crazy but it's true. In a buyer's market, buyers are anticipating prices to move lower and therefore buy under what sellers call “market value”. Conversely, in a seller's market, buyers justify buying “market” prices because they believe prices will rise in the future.

List with a trusted and reliable United States licensed flat fee MLS broker, like ADDvantage®. Our flat fee MLS sellers frequently give us praise by saying that we are truly light years ahead of other flat fee MLS and full-service companies in South Carolina. And they are right because we have invested in the future and understand what sellers need. We have the longest hours in live phone coverage of any flat fee service in America (Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM), we forward all buyer leads to sellers in real time, have the best 100% paperless listing software and have special software to track contract negotiations and close deals without a hitch.

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About South Carolina

South Carolina, like North Carolina is divided into several geographic regions. The Low Country, the Midlands and The Piedmont are a few are three of the major ones which include coastal plains, flat and sometimes swampy land, and the mountainous area of the Blue Ridge.
South Carolina's cities are actually much bigger than their city population suggest. State law is designed to keep cities from annexing unincorporated areas into the city limits, so populations look smaller than they actually are. For example, Spartanburg and Myrtle Beach have populations over 180,000, and their metropolitan areas are much larger. Anderson city population is smaller than Sumter, but the Anderson area is much larger. The Sumter area population is under 100,000, but Anderson’s is over 120,000, while Anderson counties population is nearing 200,000.

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