More Realtor® Marketing for Your Miami-Dade FSBO

Your Miami/Dade home or property listed for sale by owner with ADDvantage™'s brand of flat fee MLS (MLS ADDvantage®) will be seen by buyers on,, and via MSN, AOL,,,,, Tampa Bay Online, Trulia, Zillow, Google, and Yahoo Classifieds. ADDvantage™ is well known by sellers in Miami, Florida as we offer complete marketing and flat fee MLS plan options that are tailor made for sellers. State of the art listing software and IT and marketing staff contributes to the success of our Miami sellers who list flat fee MLS with us! Traffic derived from the MLS and the internet allows Realtors® and buyers looking for Miami real estate, to locate you regarding your FSBO property. We've increased our marketing to include real estate website portals that are specifically targeted towards Miami property sellers who list flat fee MLS and for sale by owner. But there's more of an “ADDvantage™” for Miami FSBOs who are serious about marketing and selling their property for sale by owner!

Allow ADDvantage™ to “Rev-Up” Your Miami Flat Fee MLS
Market Your FSBO to Miami/Dade Realtors® With Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast

Reach Miami-Dade Realtors® with your commission offers! If you're selling your Miami home or other FSBO property and you're ready to market directly to Miami Realtors®—then now is the time to sign up and upgrade from MLS ADDvantage® to our Street Smart ADDvantage® for Miami sellers. List flat fee MLS in Miami or surrounding Dade County and in the Southeast Florida MLS, then simply upgrade to our Street Smart ADDvantage® plan. Our email campaign targets local area Miami-Dade Realtors® within a 35 mile radius of your FSBO property, specifically targeting Realtors® who do business right in your neighborhood and who truly care about your commission offers. Twice monthly, we'll e-mail Miami Realtors® with your property information and features along with your co-broke commission offers of 4% or higher. Get the results you deserve and remain in control of your Miami flat fee MLS listing when you choose Street Smart ADDvantage®. After each email campaign, we'll report back to you via email with detailed, successful results. Offering a higher commission to agents can yield better and higher net profits for Miami sellers. Look at this interactive table to see just how much more you can profit, by offering a slightly higher than average commission.

Did you know that SHOWCASE advertisements stand out above the other listings? When a seller flat fee lists a Miami property and upgrades from MLS ADDvantage® to Street Smart ADDvantage®, Miami sellers get the very best in complete FSBO marketing and service, including a free SHOWCASE upgrade Street Smart ADDvantage® is the complete marketing package for flat fee MLS sellers in Miami-Dade who choose to target market Miami Realtors® and their buyers. Check out all of the great features Street Smart ADDvantage® has to offer and we think you'll agree…It's affordable and priced in-line with the comprehensive marketing services and other options it provides to our Miami sellers!

Smart Miami Sellers find Success in flat fee MLS and Here's Why

Miami's Multiple Listing Service has many MLS members as well as broker members and agent members. Will they recognize your Miami “For Sale by Owner” listing as one that is listed with a reputable source? What are you doing to market directly to the Realtors® that can bring qualified buyers? It really does matter to a buyer's agent if a seller is listed with a well known, trusted and reputable source like ADDvantage™. Miami-Dade agents are reluctant to show a FSBO home that is not listed in the MLS. Getting listed in the MLS flat fee is the perfect way to get exposure to your listing and the higher the commission offered the more motivated the Realtors® will be to show your property to their buyers. The Street Smart ADDvantage® Realtor® E-Blast gets the word out about your high commission offer. Once those phone calls from Realtors® start coming in, ADDvantage™ works well with buyer's agents, providing them with the respect and high level of service that's required for a successful FSBO sale. Our flat fee MLS plans for Miami sellers are very unique and our customer service extends far above that of any other Miami flat fee MLS company or “flat fee MLS website”. Catering to our Miami FSBOs is what makes ADDvantage™ Miami Dade's choice for flat fee MLS and real estate service provider. We have your best interest in mind at all times and work together with you offering MLS plans that produce results for Miami, Florida sellers.

Miami sellers…get ready to sell successfully and list Flat Fee today with MLS ADDvantage®. Upgrade to Street Smart ADDvantage® or any one of our other superior Flat Fee MLS plans for Miami-Dade sellers. Once you've listed flat fee MLS many real estate add-ons, tools and products are at your fingertips– when and if you need them. Remember, it's our flat fee MLS and real estate plan options coupled with our superior, professional service that makes our flat fee MLS the better choice for Miami sellers. Our customer service does stand out above the rest. No other Florida flat fee MLS answers the phone “live” with no hold cues, 7 days a week. Give us try. Sign up today and start selling your Miami property the “smart sellers” way.