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United States Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Agreement to List and Maintain Real Properties

REO ADDvantage™ MLS Flat Fee Listing Listing Agreement

1) Purpose: This AGREEMENT is to provide SELLER an Exclusive Agency/Exclusive Right of Sale listing service whereby SELLER has selected Option __ above. SELLER acknowledges that ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will place said property into the MLS under an Exclusive Agency listing which means that SELLER can only list property in the MLS with one broker.
2) Legal Capacity and Right: This AGREEMENT is to be entered into by person(s) of legal capacity to convey real property and have the appropriate legal right to convey such property listed in the AGREEMENT.
3) Parties to the Agreement: This AGREEMENT is entered into between the SELLER of real property located at and ADDvantage® Real Estate Network.
4) Services Provided by BROKER:
A) Representation (Exclusive Agency with Limited Representation) with Agent Activate® meaning all unrepresented buyers will be serviced exclusively by an ADDvantage Real Estate Network licensed representative and all buyers represented by outside Realtors® will deal directly with SELLER. Representation (Exclusive Right of Sale with Full Representation): All unrepresented buyers will be serviced exclusively by an ADDvantage Real Estate Network licensed representative (Agent Activate) and all buyers represented by outside Realtors® will deal directly with the assigned ADDvantage Real Estate Network licensed representative; SELLER will have contract representation through closing.
B) Marketing: ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will be will be marketing SELLER'S listing via the following media: MLS, (“Showcase”),, our websites ( and others that are managed by ADDvantage® Real Estate Network) and other real estate web portals domestically and internationally.
C) Leads: All leads received from any source will be managed and recorded in SELLER's account by the following protocol:
i) Informing caller of SELLER's contact phone numbers
ii) Following the showing instructions as provided by SELLER
iii) All leads will be documented in SELLER account under “Buyer Leads” section, located within MY ACCOUNT.
D) Signs SELLER will receive a free Coroplast ADDvantage Real Estate Network sign and metal frame containing either a local number or the ADDvantage toll free number (1-877-232-9695). If a special sign is required by deed restrictions, a $30 surcharge will be added.

Add sign notes: ____________________________

If SELLER prefers a metal sign and wood post, this can be added at checkout for $99.
i) Please indicate the size of the yard sign: x
  • Some communities (with deed restrictions) have different sign requirements. A standard size is 18” x 24”
  • Some require special colors, if so, enter special instructions here
  • Some very restrictive communities don't allow signs, if so initial here if you cannot use a sign (meaning no sign will be ordered)
It is the SELLER's responsibility to confirm the appropriate yard sign dimensions with the local governing authorities as well as the possibility of restrictions being placed on sign usage by a homeowner's association.
E) Lock Box
Please pick one:
i) Lock box/“Master” brand combination type: Will be installed on the property by the assigned ADDvantage Real Estate Network licensed representative (Agent Activate). A one time fee of $50 will be added at checkout for lease (for length of listing; includes renewal periods). _______ check here.
ii) Realtors® (GE) Supra lockbox will be installed on the property by the assigned ADDvantage Real Estate Network licensed representative (Agent Activate). A one time fee of $149 will be added at checkout for lease (for length of listing; includes renewal periods). ______ check here.
Add lock box notes: ____________________________________
F) Listing Changes:
i) SELLER is limited to 3 price changes per 30 day period (at no additional charge), in an effort to comply with local MLS board rules that track and limit excessive price changes as a means of triggering MLS “hot sheet” reports.
Changes must be made in the following increments(based on current listing price):
a) Less than $100,000, minimum price change: $500
b) $100,000 to $250,000, minimum price change: $1,000
c) Above $250,000, minimum price change: $2,500
ii) Any changes to listing, other than price and commission, will be limited to one round of changes* per 30 day period at no additional cost to SELLER.
iii) Any additional requests for changes beyond the one free round of changes per 30 day period (Item above), will be charged to SELLER at $20 per round of changes.
*  SELLER can make as many changes as necessary at no charge (one time per 30 day period) BUT must complete all change requests at the same time.
5) Term of Agreement and Right to Cancel: The term of this AGREEMENT will begin on the   12th   day of   November   ,   2019   , (or date of MLS Listing Entry) and terminate at 11:59 p.m. the   12th   day of   May   ,   2020   (or 6 months from listing start date). If the property is not sold before the listing expires, SELLER may opt to extend the listing for an extra 6 months for a discount of 20% off of your original service price. If listing agreement with BROKER expires while subject property's listing status is contract pending, then BROKER agrees to extend listing period for a period of 60 days. This extension includes an administrative fee of $25, to be paid at each 60 day extension period, as well as all current terms and conditions until such time as the property closes or the termination of such contract. This agreement can be cancelled by SELLER anytime* by providing written notice to BROKER. BROKER will terminate MLS listing within 24 hours.
To Request termination:
A) Using your user name and password go to My Account, then Listing Status, and click on the link for Withdraw/Off-Market. Use the provided form;
B) or, fax your request to 866-420-8957;
C) or, write us @ ADDvantage® Real Estate Network, 2515 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713.
*  SELLER cannot cancel AGREEMENT if there has been an executed contract, which is pending closing.
SELLER(s), please initial here: ; ; ; .
6) This Agreement is Governed by:
A) All State and Federal Laws regarding housing including but not limited to: Civil Rights Act of 1856 and 1968 (Fair Housing ACT), Equal Housing Laws and in particular to the equal and unbiased showing of property regardless of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.
B) All rules and regulations of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
C) The terms and conditions of the ADDvantage® Real Estate Network found at
7) Price: This Property is being listed for sale for: $. This price was solely determined by the SELLER.
8) Personal Property: Included in the sale of this real property are items of improvements, fixtures, appliances, and attached items listed here: , , , , , , , .
9) Broker Obligations, Authority, and Compensation:
A) SELLER authorizes ADDvantage® Real Estate Network to list property in the MLS, ADDvantage Real Estate Network's proprietary websites,, real estate publications, and other real estate websites for the purpose of procuring SELLER a buyer, and to provide sales information including selling price to the MLS upon sale of the property.
B) ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will advertise price, terms of sales, property description, and pictures if provided by Seller.
C) SELLER's ONLY compensation to ADDvantage® Real Estate Network for this service is a flat fee of $299.
i) ADDvantage® Real Estate Network “broker” is entitled to 50% of any retained buyer deposits (default by buyer), if through the efforts of said broker such buyer deposits are successfully released to SELLER by proper and full execution of a “Release and Cancellation of Contract for Sale and Purchase” by buyer. Under such conditions, the title company will disburse to broker 50% of the buyer deposit not to exceed the Not Available commission being paid to broker as compensation under this agreement. The balance will be paid to SELLER.
D) SELLER agrees to compensate, paid at closing, any licensed agent a co-brokerage commission to be determined by SELLER.
i) MLS Commission Offer: SELLER is offering   3% (chosen by seller during sign-up)   commission in the MLS and SELLER is offering   $0   bonus to procuring Realtor®. SELLER is authorizing BROKER to offer this commission/bonus by means of this listing agreement and further authorizes BROKER to advertise such commission/bonus offer in the MLS on behalf of SELLER to Realtors® in an effort procure a buyer for said property. If a sales contract is fully executed by buyer/seller or if SELLER, by means of any agreement, transfers title of property to another party in which a Realtor® was the procuring cause by evidence that the Realtor's® name is on the sales contract, and successfully closes transaction, SELLER gives broker the authority to inform the title company/closing agent or lawyer representing SELLER to include such commission/bonus, exactly as stated in the MLS, on the HUD1 settlement statement, as an item to be paid by SELLER, and gives the closing agent such authority to disburse said commission/bonus to the procuring Realtor® at closing. The only exception to 9(a) would be if SELLER and Realtor® have agreed to other commission/bonus terms than what is being advertised in the MLS by attaching this language as an addendum to the final contract (see “Change of Commission Addendum.”) BROKER will charge Buyer's Agent an Administration Fee, paid at closing, thus reducing the commission SELLER offers Buyer's Agent. For homes listed for less than $60,001, there is NO Administration fee. For home listed for less than $200,000, the Administration Fee is $199; for homes listed for $200,000 or more, the Administration Fee is $299. If property is sold without a Buyer's Agent then BROKER waives the Administration Fee.
SELLER(s), please initial here: ; ; ; .
ii) The SELLER may elect to use Agent Activate® service at any time. ( If SELLER elects to use the Agent Activate® service, An ADDvantage® agent or one of its Agent-Activate® affiliates may show and subsequently sell SELLER's property to unrepresented buyers and earn the offered buyer's agent commission as approved by SELLER. Only one commission (the buyer's agent commission) is paid by the SELLER; Either:
a)   3% (chosen by seller during sign-up)   to an outside agent/broker, or
b)   3% (chosen by seller during sign-up)   to an ADDvantage® agent or affiliate.
iii) SELLER agrees to protect any Realtor® that brings a Buyer to SELLER by not allowing such a Buyer to circumvent the advertised co-broke commission in the MLS by “going around” the Realtor®. Such practice would be a violation of this listing agreement and Realtors® are protected by State statutes and MLS rules in this regard.
E) BROKER carries Errors and Omissions Insurance.
F) Once a property is listed in the MLS, there are no refunds or partial refunds.
SELLER(s), please initial here: ; ; ; .
G) SELLER agrees to pay ADDvantage® Real Estate Network Not Available at closing of said property.
H) If at any time Broker (ADDvantage® Real Estate Network or it agents and employees) should become liable to SELLER or buyer by virtue of the Contract or the transactions contemplated by it, such Broker liability shall be limited to a sum not to exceed the flat fee MLS payment received or the commission received by such Broker as a result of this contract or Transaction, whichever is greater; and this sum shall be complete and exclusive. Broker shall pay all costs incurred in any enforcement action.
10) SELLER'S Rights, Obligations, and Risks:
A) SELLER is the contact person responsible for all showings (if Agent Activate® is turned off) from interested real estate agents, brokers, general public and others (unless SELLER has elected to use Agent Assure). SELLER should make all reasonable efforts to make available the property to be shown at reasonable times and agrees to be reasonably available to respond to agents and prospects in a timely manner, including maintaining an operational contact phone number, provided to BROKER. If BROKER deems that SELLER is unresponsive to agents' requests for showings and/or cannot be reached by phone for more than 3 consecutive days, BROKER has authority to temporarily withdraw the listing from MLS until SELLER responds and confirms availability at which time Broker will re-activate listing for no charge, provided it is within the original listing period.
B) If SELLER elects to use a lock box (Supra or standard combination), SELLER accepts responsibility for items stolen from property. Risk of theft is greater if SELLER chooses to place a lock box on property. Lock boxes are available to be purchased from ADDvantage® Real Estate Network at checkout. (
C) SELLER acknowledges and accepts all risks one might encounter while showing property to prospects and agrees to hold ADDvantage® Real Estate Network and ADDvantage Real Estate Network harmless of any liability resulting from showing the property.
D) SELLER can sell property to a buyer not procured by a licensed agent and will owe no co-brokerage commission; just the Not Available to ADDvantage® Real Estate Network at close.
E) SELLER shall not advertise property for a price lower than the agreed price in this agreement. This does not prohibit a SELLER from negotiating a lower price and does not prohibit SELLER from verbally speaking of a lower price than advertised in the MLS when speaking to prospect. This MLS rule only pertains to printed advertisements.
F) SELLER agrees to cooperate with ADDvantage® Real Estate Network to effectuate any necessary paperwork or forms to keep in compliance with the MLS or to make changes to the listing requested by SELLER.
G) If SELLER should deal directly with a buyer, the SELLER agrees to provide buyer with all notices required by state law including but not limited to:
i) SELLER'S DISCLOSURE STATEMENT. This disclosure allows the SELLER an opportunity to bring forward any material defects and other information to the attention of the buyer.
ii) Radon Gas Warning.
iii) Pre-1978 Lead based Paint Disclosure Notice
** Note: These forms and others can found at
H) SELLER holds ADDvantage® Real Estate Network, its agents, brokers, affiliates, heirs, employees, owners, assignees and shareholders harmless and indemnifies the same from loss, damages, costs, fees or attorney fees from any person, companies or other entities that ADDvantage® Real Estate Network incurs because of:
i) SELLER'S negligence, representations, misrepresentations, false statements, misleading statements, actions or inactions;
ii) The existence of undisclosed material facts about the property or,
iii) A court or arbitration decision that a broker who was not compensated in connection with a transaction is entitled to compensation from ADDvantage® Real Estate Network. This clause will survive ADDvantage® Real Estate Network performance and transfer of title.
I) SELLER has not listed same property with another broker.
J) If SELLER's property goes under contract, this agreement remains in full effect through and until property is closed and title is transferred. Additionally, should any information given by SELLER to BROKER as evidenced in this listing agreement be untrue or false, SELLER agrees that such false reporting or errors made by SELLER are a breach of this Listing Agreement and any and all portions of this are enforceable.
K) ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will send SELLER an email verification immediately upon SELLER's property being inputted into the MLS. This notification allows the SELLER to verify and edit any factual data errors or typos. If errors are found, SELLER may respond to email verification within 72 hours of receipt, notifying ADDvantage® Real Estate Network of such errors. Errors will be corrected within 24 hours. If SELLER fails to respond to email verification after 72 hours, ADDvantage® Real Estate Network will deem SELLER's listing as accurate.
11) SELLER Notification Information:
Primary Contact Number (***-***-****)
Home Telephone:    Work Phone:
Mobile Telephone:    Facsimile:
Email:    Alternate Email:
Mailing Address:
12) Governing Law, Venue, and Waiver of Jury Trial: This agreement will be construed under United States law. In the event of litigation or arbitration involving BROKER in any way arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the Property, or relationship created hereunder, venue shall be exclusively in County, United States. BROKER and SELLER hereby knowingly and voluntarily waives any right to trial by jury in any litigation.
13) Severability:
In the event that one or more provisions in this Agreement are deemed invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and affect.
14) Notices: Any notice, request, demand, consent, or other communication required to be given pursuant to this AGREEMENT shall be in writing to the address set forth below:

ADDvantage® Real Estate Network
2515 1st Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
15) SELLER Acceptance of Agreement:
All persons or entities authorized to sell this property and/or have ownership interest must sign this agreement and including those persons duly authorized to act as representatives for the SELLER and such persons having certified that they are legally authorized to enter into this agreement. If you do not fully understand this contract, consult an attorney before you sign it.
By signing below, SELLER understands and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and acknowledges receipt of a copy within 24 hours of acceptance by BROKER.
16) Miscellaneous:
ADDvantage® Real Estate Network recommends that SELLERS seek the advice of a Real Estate Attorney before negotiating or signing a real estate purchase and sale agreement or a lease agreement and recommends that SELLERS seek similar advice before closing any real estate transaction. Paragraphs titled "COMPENSATION", "DISPUTE RESOLUTION", "GOVERNING LAW, VENUE, AND WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL", "SEVERABILITY", and NOTICES shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement.
17) Defamation:
Should it be found that a member posts comments on the Internet about BROKER or ADDvantage Real Estate Network, LLC/ or any of its employees, associates, partners, or affiliates (“Company”) via social media or other at any time during or subsequent to Agreement period that are defamatory; misleading, untruthful, half-truths, or false statements regarding their experience with Company, SELLER agrees to be bound by the process of arbitration (FS Chapter 682 “arbitration” and American Arbitration Association guidelines and practices). Should SELLER be found liable for defamation through the process of arbitration, BROKER will be automatically awarded $5,000 from SELLER/former SELLER as liquidated damages and SELLER will be required to remove post(s) or be fined $500 per day until removed.
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